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Mobile apps development services, mobile solutions for business

We have been developing mobile applications for 8 years. Currently, we specialize in development of complex mobile solutions for businesses and startups, consisting of web and mobile applications. We provide a good contact, robust applications, warranty. Our cooperation starts with a free consultation, your requirements analysis, and a fair price - please give us a try!


  • for businesses, startups, private persons
  • Android (our specialty since 2010), iOS. Native apps.
  • of various features and functionalities (see below)


  • central database, convenient web-based admin panel
  • a mobile application for field workers or customers
  • where: transport, service, production, trade, surveys, other

What kind of mobile apps do we develop?

  • mobile versions of web services: news, classified ads / auctions, online shops, social networks, loyalty systems, other
  • apps for employees in the field, such as drivers, service personnel, sales representatives, auditors, interviewers, managers, ...
  • communicating with various external devices - Internet of Things!
  • multimedia apps, educational apps, entertainment apps, quizzes, games
  • any other kind: You have an idea, we bring it to life.

Features and solutions in our apps:

  • attractive UI on phones, tablets, TV boxes
  • Internet or local connections
  • working offline, with a database synchronized with headquarters
  • maps, navigation, user location
  • connecting to various devices via Bluetooth, WiFi, Internet of Things!
  • with multimedia: sounds, animations, video, camera, etc.
  • Push notifications sent from your web panel to users
  • NFC (i.e. for payments, or wireless communication between 2 devices)
  • QR and barcodes (generations, scanning, communication between 2 devices)
  • in-app payments in Google Play store (Android Market)
  • sending sms'es, e-mails, enabling calls
  • working on xls, pdf files
  • other

Mobile apps - technologies:

  • Android 4.0 - 8.0 SDK
  • iOS 9 - 11

Industries, topics:

  • fleet, drivers, containers, cargo management; mobile applications to help drivers work
  • service management: breakdowns reporting, service engineers work management
  • production, workers and quality management
  • managing the work of interviewers, auditors; defining surveys, and reviewing their results immediately
  • mobile applications to help customers see a company's offer and contact to the company
  • advertising, auctions, discounts, loyalty, online retailers, and other service-oriented businesses
  • other, with any functionality and logic - depending on your needs

Some features of web applications:

  • managing arbitrarily complex data in a convenient administrative panel; definition, editing, deleting data
  • sharing your data with your mobile applications in the background or on demand
  • receiving data from mobile applications, storage, presentation in tables, charts, on a map
  • sending push notifications and SMS messages from the panel to the mobile application
  • using mobile app users' locations, displaying them on the map
  • defining user groups and assigning them permissions to different parts of the panel and relevant data
  • responsive, attractive end-user websites
  • various reports and graphs
  • CMS to help you manage your website content

Web applications - technologies:

  • PHP (Yii, Symfony, Bootstrap frameworks), HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL

Our cooperation steps:

  • a free advice, analysis of your needs; We specify an initial scope of the application and give you a fair quotation
  • signing the contract, an advance payment of 30%, screen sketches, graphic design - for your acceptance. Functionality specification. But some, especially larger, projects require flexibility and we provide it, working in agile style
  • app development, informing you about work progress on a regular basis, testing
  • app delivery, your test, acceptance, final payment of 70%
  • transfer of copyrights and source codes to you
  • app instalation in Google Play store (an option)
  • installation of app's server part on your server (if needed)
  • 12 months warranty, free support
  • further app development for a price of 25 Euros per hour (an option)
  • quick reaction (2 hours) to your questions and requests

Custom apps prices:

  • small native mobile apps, like this one - up to 5 screens, Internet connections, internal database, adaptation to all devices' screens - up to 2 weeks, 500 - 1,000 Euro per one platform (i.e. Android)
  • medium native mobile apps, like this one - up to 10 screens and/or more advanced features or graphics, simple games - 4 - 6 weeks, 1.5 - 3 thousand Euros per one platform
  • big native mobile apps, like this one - 15 screens or more, complicated data, functionality - more than 6 weeks, 4 thousand Euros or more per one platform.
  • Medium mobile solutions, web + mobile, like this one - 4 - 6 weeks, 4 - 5 thousand Euros
  • big mobile solutions, web + mobile, like this one - 8 weeks or more, more than 5 thousand Euros

With us you pay only for the actual work of professionals in Poland creating your application, and not for the supervisory board, a big office, non-application development employees etc. As a result, our prices are several times lower than those of large companies, and most likely those in your country.

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The benefits of mobile solutions. Why are Android applications growing in popularity?

Many companies have come to the realization that if you are not online today, you do not exist. Competition however does not give up and goes one step further by deciding on mobile solutions for business. As more than half of smartphone users use them to connect to the network up to several times a day, it is best to reach a mobile audience through dedicated mobile applications. You can find a variety of portals and online shops, services and companies having their own mobile app. So if a company wants to adapt to the needs of its customers and the market, then it is worth turning to mobile solutions, which has many benefits and the strength to be competitive. Read more >>

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We develop mobile apps since 2009

About us

We are a small but good and experienced team of professionals in their fields. We've been working together for a few years already, in a modern remote model, and with modern web tools - we are successful in developing even the most complex projects (see Portfolio)! Thanks to this model - we can offer you lower prices. Others boast of their photos or offices, we brag about our portfolio and experience. Of course, the mobile application market, the technology is developing very fast. All the time new devices and solutions are emerging, and we grow together with them. The team consists of:

  • Android - Jarosław, Marcin, Michał
  • PHP, MySQL - Krzysztof, Amadeusz
  • iOS - Włodek
  • graphic designers - Michał, Krystian

About the founder: I have graduated from Gdansk University of Technology, with masters degree in computer science. My professional experiences include work as a developer and a team leader in corporations: IFS in Poland and UK, Nokia in Berlin. I know several programming languages, I've worked on a variety of issues, in various teams and environments. Then I concentrated on designing and developing mobile applications. I was working alone for many years. Then I started to complete the team. All that has resulted in an offer that I present you with a clear conscience. All the details contained therein are practiced by us, applied in at least some successful projects.
Looking forward to doing business with you!
Jarosław Pietras

What makes us different?

1 We are on the market 8 years already. During that time we have developed dozens of mobile and web applications, ALL finished with success. For large and small businesses.
2 With us you pay for the actual work of professionals in Poland creating your application, and not for a supervisory board, a big office, non-application development employees etc. As a result, our prices are several times lower than those of large companies, and most likely those in your country.
3 We approach each project individually. We do not use some shoddy programming simplifications. We put quality first, at low prices.
4 We do not go the easy way. The growth of this sole proprietorship is based on solving real problems, meeting our customers' needs, expectations, dreams and our hard work, not contacts or external financing.

What does all this mean to you? You will have your app done well, reasonably priced, and then supported.

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We provide a free, quick consultation and quotation

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